Posted On: April 24, 2020

Directors, Coaches, Parents, and Players,

Because of the uncertainty concerning when we will be able to be socially interactive and limitations on school and town field availability, reading the tea leaves as to when we could have a season has grown too challenging. It is with sadness that we have to make the decision to cancel the 2020 PAL lacrosse season. Please note that we explored a number of possible scenarios to conduct some semblance of a season. We entertained a shorter season that was pushed into the early summer, a season that would include speed games where 4 teams would play shorter games in succession at one location or tournament type play dates if limited fields were available. While under normal circumstances these could be options to continue with a season, under the current situation they are non-starters.

Finally, because there is no QUIT in our hearts we will explore hosting a PAL lacrosse event if we are able to do so later this summer. Our county, state and federal leaders will let us know if an event is possible. If we can safely hold an event, we will solicit input and see if there are people that want to participate. Stay tuned and please be safe, well and patient as we continue to navigate through unchartered waters.  


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The NCPAL Lacrosse League is committed to promoting the ideals of sportsmanship. These include the concepts of ethical conduct and fair play by all who participate in, officiate, or attend our events and activities. We stand in opposition to all instances and activities which do not support the high standards of athletic competition and do not ensure the well-being of our participants. We expect that a high standard of citizenship and respect for others will be evident at all events.

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